Lord please look after my family and friends and myself and my carers keep us all healthy and well in body and mind. Please look after my mum especially keep her healthy and in body and mind and let her hernia stay small and let her cough be nothing serious and let her cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar levels be normal healthy levels and keep her heart healthy and strong. Please lord look after me keep my chest healthy and clear of infections,colds,coughs,flu,viruses or any other illnesses, keep my gallbladder under control and settled and keep my organs healthy and well especially my pancreas,appendix,liver,kidneys,bladder,spleen,stomach,bladder,bowels,lungs, don't let me get c.diff or any stomach infections and let my stomach feel better soon and settle keep my heart healthy and strong and don't let me get any blood clots and keep my throat healthy and not get any infections and let my cold and sinus pain go soon and not turn into any thing else Amen