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Stephanie Hoos

I am a sex addict. Please pray for me.


I am have a difficult time... I have trouble feeling like a can do anything. I keep falling behind in doing regular things. I have no motivation. The kids have left home now and I feel frozen. I didn't know how much the kids made me feel good and kept me working hard. Supposed to retire but there is not enough money. At times I feel lots of bad feelings toward myself and I see no way out. My brain chemistry is making it harder every day to see hope and I cannot be disciplined like i used to be. Things feel like it is going down hill. Please Pray for me. There is tremendous amounts of emotional pain in me. I want it gone it just wont go away.


Please pray for Sun-Shulan,her hipbone is broken now,may God cure her.


Please pray that I receive a job soon after a long period of looking,please pray that I continue to keep the faith and never feel discouraged and never question god on why I am goig through what im going through


Please pray for me & my family. Im vishnu 32 yrs from kerala india. we are going through hard time for many years in almost all areas of our lives. my moms negativity is affecting me bcos im more karmically connected to her. I want to clear all of my unwanted fears,doubts,negative thinking including all of my disturbing dreams. Im having recurring fever,cold ,throat infections,viral fever,low immunity problems, body pain ,digestion problems ,low strength stamina etc. Financially also its been many years no gain always losses, couldn't been able to do that is in alignment with my desires or likes & im still unsure of what is that i really want to/destined to do for earning. Im kind of highly attracted/obsessed towards a female celeb singer for past 2 months & i prayed a lot to forget/ clear that issue but its really consuming all of my concentration & time, its affecting me a lot. O MY DEAR LORD I REPENT FOR ALL OF MY MISTAKES, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, PLEASE HELP ME WITH ALL OF PROBLEMS AT


my sister shancy age 36 is undergoing painful medical tests, for her recovery & strength


my mom santha,age 60 we are from india, state kerala, city palakkad. She is having severe stomach pain which doctors have failed to find. Psychics say its due to her continuous negative thinking for many years(decades)


Please pray about my job Evaluation today. There are Problems with late co-workers that effect my punctuality. Please pray That I have the right words to reflect God's love into this situation. Thank you so much for your prayers! God bless you!

please pray for my husband will receive huge proje

please pray for my husband will receive huge projects for sbm,let him receive the lpo s for the ettihad airways,& dutco please lord bring these projectsalso that we receive new palace projects & we also ask u lord to give him the DAFRA AIR BASE PROJECTS THAT THEY WILL GIVE IMRAN THE LPO FOR THIS PROJECT.& lord jesus bless him with all arabian rances villa s 5,000 per each villa to call him to do the bird control all the quotations he sent he receives the lpo s ecnoch should accept sbm this quotationi pray for du... p.... proj...t to come for sbm & give him the job lord please bring in the confirmation of that lady for the project of 1,200 make her call sbm to do the job. LORD BLESS SBM WITH emmar projects for sbm bring in joy peace laughter& happiness in our hearts, bless him to receive his renewed trade licence as early as possible ,lord take away all the obstacles that disturbed our sales,bring in right people to work for us in this office to do listing for our products,and to

Charlene Real
Illinois, USA

Please pray for my daughter Amanda. She may have cancer. Drs have been giving her the runaround since Dec. So we're taking her to Madison Wisconsin where a Dr is concerned and is going to do what the Drs here in Rockford Illinois won't do. She needs a biopsy to find out if she has lymphoma. She goes back May 4th for labs and a CT-Scan. Then we will find out when and if a biopsy will be done. Please pray for my Daughter.